Unknown. Stockholm Library Sweden, Architecture Contest Images, Designs, News, Project, Building, Shortlist. 128 Texas Street San Francisco, CA 94107 +1 415 643 7773 contact@iwamotoscott.com This project is an entry for the 2006 international open design competition for an expansion to Asplund's early modern masterpiece, the The idea for the design is based on a suspended slab set upon two large transparent pilotis, which is quite literally translated into the finished proposal. In the proposed project, the platform of the Stockholm Public Library is extended in order to create the connection with the new building. Stockholm Public Library Designed by Gunnar Asplund and opened in 1928, the library is a prime example of Nordic Classicist architecture. The Stadsbiblioteket, the main branch of the Stockholm Public Library System, is one of the most distinctive buildings in the Swedish capital. Stockholm Public Library Change this. Stockholm Library Designs. Nicolas Adams, Gunnar Asplund’s Gothenburg: The Transformation of Public Architecture in Interwar Europe, Penn University Park, PA: State University Press, 2014, page 112. With its magnificent, unadorned exterior, Stockholm Public Library is the zenith of Nordic architecture in the 1920s, deriving inspiration from both neoclassical and classical architectural idiom. Ink on paper. The expansion meets the library with a light structure to preserve the importance of Asplund’s building, while the main portion is placed in the opposite side of the site. Public Library, Stockholm, Sweden, Plan of first and second galleries. 1 of 4. The proposal for the Stockholm Public Library by Bundi Pradono Architects at first glance one would not assume was a library at all with its creative design. 48.1990. Architecture and Design Description Change this. Erik Gunnar Asplund. Nielson, “The Stockholm Library,” page 55 35 3/4 x 35 3/4" (90.8 x 90.8 cm). Accordingly, Stockholm Public Library has been interpreted as "revolutionary architecture" in the tradition of Ledoux and Boullée. Its simple geometric design, comprising a … Add to collection; Watch this article; Add a new article; Related Architecture Gift of Marshall Cogan and purchase. Stockholm, Sweden by Gunnar Asplund Change this . Stuart Knight and Kerstin Nilsson, page 16. Add this. Contribute. The New Stockholm Public Library will be an urban mediascape where landscape and building, interior and exterior, old and new merge into a single entity. Comments. Register to join to conversation. However, since such projects did not appear in popular publication until early 1930:s, Asplund's design seems to be based on other sources.