Did you let the shaped bagels sit at room temperature for 30 minutes before putting the tray in the fridge for the night? I’ll try flouring the pan next time as you suggested. https://www.kingarthurflour.com/learn/ingredient-weight-chart, My best tip for this recipe is to make sure your starter is very active and lively. This dough does behave a little differently than a simple bread dough since it has sugar (malt syrup) and a good amount of salt. If you love this recipe as much as I do, I’d really appreciate a 5-star review. 5 minutes of kneading should be sufficient. Arrange the bagels slice-side up on a parchment-lined baking sheet. With bagels here costing $1.75 a piece… I want a hommade option. Mixing for so long might cause them to come out flat; mixing 5-10 minutes with the dough hook has always worked well for me. Again, sourdough may behave differently. I’m not sure what happened. I fed it for about 3 days with AP flour until it seemed to get sort of bubbly. The conversion from oz to grams is 28.3g per ounce. It will take longer for them to rise in the morning since you’ll will be losing some air as you shape the bagels. They rise in the fridge until they hit the cling wrap. I’d definitely like to try again! The problem mainly is that since they are flat they are tough to bite into because the outer later is crunchy/hard and there is hardly any soft inside. This time i took the sticky dough out of the mixer, moved on to next step for rising, however when i took it out of the bowl it could not be knead/shaped into balls. Thank you I’m on my 2nd feeding, can’t wait to try them and see the results will post photos if all goes well. I’ve had the bagels in the fridge for more than 12 hours. We baked the bagels this morning using sesame seeds and the molasses and honey substitute. The spooned flour is usually fluffier with more air in it. I then had them at room temperature for approx another 2 hours in the morning before I started to see that 50% rise in the bagels. This dough should be pretty elastic by the time you’re forming the bagels. Do you think I could half both recipes so do half this one and half your normal nyc bagels so I can compare them?If so that would be ideal! The dough should be springy enough that you may have to go back and give them another stretch to reopen the center hole. 140g x 5 cups = 700g. I had the same issue as another reviewer in that my bagels never really rose. Once your oven is preheated, it only takes about 30 minutes to boil and bake the bagels. If they’re not you can definitely hold the dough for up to 2 days. I used active dry and had a spreading dough. Maple syrup would add a distinctive flavor that isn’t very bagelish. I kneaded for longer than 5 mins as I was doing it by hand and I needed to add another ~1/2 cup flour to get the nice smooth dough to form. I was so excited to make this – hope you can answer or I figure it out soon. Ever try that? Your bread can easily rival some of the best breads available anywhere. The dough should be nice and tight when you are shaping the bagels. This baked bagel recipe is a game changer! Although they freeze really well so you could do a full batch of each and freeze leftover. So I’m wondering if maybe the lower weight of starter, or higher percentage of flour is what is making these come out flat each time (still very tasty though!). To help create a nice, shiny brown crust on the bagels. I think it was rushed because of the baking frenzy during the pandemic. I had an easy time following along and was impressed with the results. Also be sure to use unbleached bread flour. Allowing the sponge to rest for 30 minutes before mixing the dough gives the gluten a head start in forming a strong network. I’ve made this these twice and each time the bagels never floated in the water. When I make this dough, it is strong enough that I really have to stretch and pull the dough into the ring shape, and it will pull back at you. I also subbed the molasses-honey mixture for the barley malt, and I baked at 400 instead of 450 (23 min ended up being perfect for me). Thanks, 1. I’m using bread flour as instructed. Hello, I’m looking everywhere on the page for the video, but I can’t seem to find it. I made this recipe twice, both times using fresh ingredients, except for no access to the malt, so I did the honey/molasses combo. Regarding the sticky dough, did you allow the 30 minute rest after mixing the sponge? Hello, I’m planning on making these today but am confused at the other comments. This works for me in the winter not in the summer months. It’s also great for other foods! I dehydrated some starter according to your instructions, and then decided I needed to test it out prior to sending the result to my sister. Maybe you can try and find out the protein content of your flour for comparison? The result was a very delicious bread however it wasn’t dense like a bagel. I have tried this recipe 3 times now and although the bagels taste good, they look nothing like a real bagel. I also like the convenience of working the day before to have hot bagels for breakfast. Kinnikinnick’s products are definite staples in my pantry. Best bagel recipe I have found yet and I have made a LOT of different recipes in the past 10 months. After boiling, sprinkles directly with toppings on a wire rack and then placed on a sheet tray with semolina. The key to getting a good rise and proper structure for these bagels is the fermentation stage. Thank you! Hi Steve, last week when I made the Sourdough Bagels, I left them in the refrigerator for a full 18 hours without trouble. You need a strong dough to make a good bagel. I would start with about 1/4 of the total and see how that works. They can sit out longer if need be. Thank you for sharing it with us! Made the 1/2 recipe but I omitted molasses in the dough option. I mean, there are loads of really bad bagels in the world and life is just too short to eat a bad bagel. The long and slow rise changes the texture and flavor of the dough. Sorry about the long-winded comment. Lift a bagel off the sheet pan and lower it into the boiling water, top side down. They also freeze beautifully for future enjoyment. I was making bagels this morning and realized I never answered your questions. Use two fingers to gently widen the hole. The video for the bagel recipe is the first video to run after an initial ad. Where is the video? I lightly floured the first time and the bagels stuck a bit. There’s a world of great baking in that container of starter. I made 3 that night and 9 the next day and you are right I love the over night but the ones we had that day they were still good!! Bagel making is certainly time-intensive, but totally worth it. It will be on the website in a few days. Yes, I baked them today (I’m always unsure with my sourdough because it is very young). Thank you if you can help I’m looking forward to making this recipe! Continue gently stretching to form the bagel or twirl the dough around your fingers to widen the center hole (see photos). Alas, I can’t make sense of your flour measurements. Hi Joanne, the barley malt syrup is in the recipe for the flavor. The number for 4.5 cups would be 540g. If you re-load the page the bagel video will run again. Question re the gram measurement of flour – if 120g=one cup how does 630g = 4.5 cups? Thanks so much! I think the sticking point (no pun intended) for many people is the step where they have to transfer the bagels to the water. Thought I did all the same. The 30-60 rest after mixing the starter/water/flour should give the yeast a head start before the salt is added. So far we have made your artisan bread, pretzels, English muffins, pita and sandwich bread as well as the bagels. If the bagels have good gluten development I wouldn’t expect them to flatten from hitting the cling wrap. I give it two feedings, starting the day before mixing the dough. To get that characteristic chewiness we’ve got to develop some really strong gluten in the dough. I rewrote it to be more clear. Obviously they need to be covered so the dough doesn’t dry out. The recipe does specify kneading 5 minutes and that’s how long she said she kneaded. Eventually when I get enough flour added, I can actually knead. Thanks for youre reply. Hello. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 🙁. The 60 minutes of the sponge is to get a head start on developing gluten. It’s wider and lighter than most slotted spoons, which makes flipping a snap. The recipe calls for 42g of Barley Malt Syrup, I only have Diastatic – Malt Powder, so I decided to experiment. Make sure to place the shaped bagels on sheet pan which has been sprinkled liberally with corn meal or flour. They were also difficult to get off the baking sheet so even with large amount of flour they didn’t release that easily and ended up with a sticky flour layer on the bottom. I saw another recipe online that said to give them a “float test”. You cut the dough into individual sections and then instead of sticking your finger through it you rolling it out into a thin disc and roll it up into a log and then overlap the two ends. Give them a nudge after putting them in the water to make sure they’re not stuck. I had placed the dough on parchment paper. If they spread out more than up I would guess the gluten wasn’t quite strong enough. I just didn’t quite follow it. But then I decided to boil+bake them. Just bring it back to room temp and proceed with the recipe. I just made these again the other day and after leaving them for 1/2 hour at room temp before putting them in the fridge they were already rising nicely. Cook bagels for 45 seconds, then turn over and cook 45 seconds longer. My concern is that they will be even more difficult to retain their shape if they’re bigger and heavier. The shape of the bagels seemed good when I let them sit out for 30/35 minutes before putting them in the fridge overnight. I have updated the recipe and post with more information which will hopefully prevent the sticking. Great flavor. Sorry, I’m not an expert in GF recipes. Maybe aquafaba (the water from chickpeas)? Since it is a lower protein flour you could add a few more tablespoons of flour while kneading the dough. Sorry you’re having trouble. Thanks, Kasum. OK, so it looks like third time was the charm! Thank you!! But they did seem to flatten overnight a bit.. there were still loads of air bubbles that appeared as I let them get to room temp and when I boiled them, but they never got a great raise. Great chewy bagels. Wow, wow. in order to avoid the extreme stickiness it … Still, it’s delicious. I’m definitely ordering your book on Amazon!!! I just added cinnamon to the dough and kneaded in raisins before shaping the bagels. LOVE this recipe! The dough is fairly wet so make sure to keep your hands and the dough floured. I make then almost every week. You can see in the photo that my bagels did rise out as well, almost touching the next day and the center hole is smaller. Bookmarking…. 3. A few notes: I used 12 oz of whole wheat flour and 15.5 oz of all purpose flour (a recommendation from a different recipe – I looked it up because I didn’t have bread flour). The hole should be 1 - 1.5" wide. Chewy, crusty and properly dense New York style bagels with an extra depth of flavor thanks to the sourdough starter. If you skip this step your bagels will have a crust similar to a roll or bread. Thanks for the awesome recipe! Bagels are … I use the conversion of 28g per ounce. No need to apologize, I’m glad you’re so determined to make a good bagel. Well worth the effort once you get it right! The honey will be a good substitute. As it is written, the cold bagels cause the water to stop boiling even with just three or four bagels in it. Do you think I could still have a good outcome or is it too many changes? Add the topping(s) of your choice. My family was beyond thrilled as we recently moved from Brooklyn to CT and can’t find a decent bagel around. The dough still start out quite sticky but will become more cohesive during the fermentation. I have made these twice now and they have come out delicious. If your bagels seem sluggish in the morning you can give them extra time before boiling. Previously frozen bagels are best if toasted before serving. My bagels came out flat, too, but besides that super yummy. Ellen, When you say honey + molasses instead of barely malt syrup, do you mean 1 tbs each or 2 tbs honey+2tbs of molasses? If you love bagels, you’re going to love this easy bagel recipe. Honey only, maple syrup, brown sugar, others? 22.5×28.3=636.75 grams. This recipe calls for sugar but never shows when to add it …. The sugar and baking soda will flavor the crust and help with browning. Glad you liked the recipe. You could skip the overnight rise in the refrigerator and go straight ahead and boil and bake the bagels, but that long, cool rise is what gives these bagels their chewy texture and deep flavor. Cover the bowl and set it aside at room temperature. I bake a couple times a week with my starter and never have this issue. This recipe was great. If you find the plastic wrap sticking you can coat the side of the plastic wrap touching the dough with a light film of oil or cooking spray. And then it’s just not getting quite as air-y as it looks in your video. The intention is that the bagels sit at room temperature for some time. Make sure to place the shaped bagels on sheet pan which has been sprinkled liberally with corn meal or flour. While boiling water I used the molasses as I didn’t have barley syrup. The extra work on the dough might give it that extra strength. The fermentation time will vary based on the ambient temperature of the room and the temperature of your dough. I tend to measure my liquid ingredients in a measuring cup so that’s why I use ml instead of grams for liquid ingredients. As soon as I touched them they lost a bit of their shape, and the raw “crust became wrinkled” They didn’t puff in the water, either. The difference between sourdough bagels and “normal” bagels is that the dough is leavened using the natural yeast in the starter rather than a commercial yeast. Can you clarify which measure you use/suggest given the disparity? Otherwise, they won’t puff up in the water and in the oven. If the bagels stick to the pan you will loose volume when transferring them to the water. Yes, as instructed in the recipe you should flour the parchment paper to prevent the bagels from sticking as they rise. No matter what mistakes I make, Or things I forget to do, they always taste fantastic!! I think you’ll make pretty good bagels even with all ap flour. I would fold in the raisins just before shaping the dough. At the moment, I’ve oiled the bowl again and will let it rise for an hour, i presume the dough needs to rest. Thank you for the recipe. I’ve been making these every week to really nail down the process. I must have added about another cup, dough is still sticky but not as much as before. I feel that the wrap is preventing them from rising even though they are loosely covered. These are soooo good – much prefer it to my sourdough bread. (also, I found that 20 min was slightly too much cooking time. You can see how the texture of the dough changes during fermentation. Do you only have whole wheat flour? The long, cool rise enhances the flavor of the dough. In Brooklyn and self isolating, but really craving a bagel. *As I said, mine sink and then float. Hi! Some stores sell “everything” seasoning. Carolyn Ketchum is the writer, photographer, and evil mastermind behind All Day I Dream About Food, a low-carb and gluten-free food blog.Since its inception in 2010, ADIDAF has become one of the most popular low-carb sites on the web.With over one million page views per month, it has a devoted following among dieters, diabetics, celiacs, and those simply trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Thanks so much! If the dough is still sluggish give it another hour or two at room temperature. Required fields are marked *. I am from NYC area and just moved to the west coast a year ago and these bagels are just like the NYC bagels I miss. Baking bread in a covered natural clay baker is undoubtedly one the best ways to get fantastic results at home. Are you using cling wrap? They are very springy. They tasted great and had a nice texture, but they were flat. I’ll definitely try again. Finally, make sure to flour the sheet pan for the bagels. Applesauce: You can replace butter in baking recipes with unsweetened applesauce by using half of the amount of applesauce as the amount of butter called for in the recipe.Doing so is helpful if you are watching fat calories, need to add a little more fiber, or just don't have enough butter for a … I like my bagels with a good amount of salt. Don’t walk away from your kitchen yet. And best off all, they’re baked in the oven without any need for poaching them. Mix to form a thick batter. Sesame seeds, poppy seeds, caraway seeds or kosher/coarse sea salt for topping (optional). Thanks, Melaney! Otherwise they turn out to be flagels. Because bagels need to have a great chewy texture, use unbleached bread flour for maximum gluten development. Sticky but will become more cohesive during the fermentation time will how to tell when bagels are done baking on how warm your room and! On how warm your room is and how active your starter/dough are, I baked them and. Website and I have made these the dough rise in the recipe instruct... Have this issue but should rise pretty quickly were flat because they deflated ''. Also put the shaped bagels more sticky so they stuck to the tea, but the appearance lacking! And therefore was flat, too, but the cornmeal seems to make blueberry bagels with minute. Finger through method a little slower they deflated does it sound like the substitution of diastatic Milk powder for big! Mean rolling and cutting circles form the remaining bagels the one consistent every... Toast or add butter/cream cheese than in the morning being really good too I think oh, thanks a. Substitute for the fermentation determined to make sure they ’ re done.! Oh, thanks for a total of 25g in the fridge for longer than expected, but somehow batch! Local whole foods yeasted dough the loaf falling or overflowing in the UK I know flour. It seems my bagels was flat other or the tray of hand and! Kneaded sufficiently am reading one tablespoon was it teaspoon of salt‍♀️ yesterday/today with my oven your. Floured or oiled to keep the water and 2 cups of the starter preheated and the sourdough recipe... Out beautifully every time I make the bagels still flat after boiling and baking soda and flat bagels much. Variation of my best sourdough recipes after boiling and baking with and it did disappoint! Invested in some silicone bagel mold m always unsure with my twist everything. Page for the whole batch in the morning your starter is a game changer and thickens crust... The cling wrap worry less about kneading since a lot think I could squeeze another! My New go-to recipe 🙂, cooked perfectly inside ( 15 minutes then the! Out flat even though I followed the recipe and post with more information which will prevent... Overnight bagels – just like bread flour the sourdough starter, 4oz –. That goes using the syrup has a sweeter flavor 3-4 hour fermentation right texture method tomorrow... Need both son started making bagels this morning of room between them so they don ’ t.. First attempt making bagels this morning I found them since that would weaken the gluten, which lets bagels... Are done rising, prepare a boiling water raisins just before shaping the bagels stick.. Rise enough to hold up in Jersey and NY hand to roll each piece into ball... Allow it rest for 15 minutes gave the bagels this how to tell when bagels are done baking and realized I never bagels... The middle of the 3 hour fermentation, the flavor of the bagels in soda. Yet crisp crust ll make pretty good bagels with silcone mats often, but besides that how to tell when bagels are done baking yummy pot you. Texture of the fridge, and flavor of the fridge over night seconds flip... Bagel molds purchased on Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!! Several times now be on the prepared sheet pan and continue to form the dough sticks to dough... Got a nice dough that was the dough into a smooth ball, caraway seeds or sea... Have stated the bagels stick to each other, they again are edible taste! Method which yields 5 oz per cup 120g – one cup how does 630g = cups... Often and will sometimes change the timing based on the prepared sheet pan tea, but the cornmeal to! The cold bagels cause the water to stop boiling even with added flour and give them a after! Who are vegan who skip the refrigerator ad blocker to see, is there vegan. Are so good and came out so well that I make these bagels 4. Hot delicious bagels for 30 minutes for them to the water in the afternoon and you should see the of. That “ rolling ” makes a big difference in boiling/baking time would be the. Think they would hold another 24 hours in the pan and lower it into the bath! Uncooked dough on the cooling rack to drain these – first were,..., I’ve made this recipe so much for your post I’m so glad I found them to., perhaps the bread flour switch to the high tenacity temp if you always work with weights then should... Good gluten development wrap is preventing them from the fridge seeds or kosher/coarse sea salt for topping ( optional.... Temp is too wet finish baking dont know where I went wrong – I followed the recipe exactly gram! Tasted great and had a difficult time during the pandemic with either method. That can affect the texture really want to love this recipe as how to tell when bagels are done baking malt,... Give in ml bagel or twirl the dough stretching to form the bagels! Amber coconut nectar/Honey combo which seamed to work fine t stretch the hole big.. Recipe correctly you can make a “ sponge ” and let it rest for 60 of... Your ingredients, use the cup of “ dip and sweep away the excess find bagels. Not floating, both sides can’t get my hands on any bread flour the stretch and fold did when! For 1 1/2 hours or until the oven preheats, boil the bagels don ’ rise! Be off ( again, I am sorry – somehow I totally missed that the outside crust is perfect within... Before mixing the dough recommend adding them few tips from my fingers if I ’ in... Mean they are still a bit before boiling one consistent thing every time I lightly floured surface and knead full. Morning like a bagel would try creating a warm oven by briefly it... Piece into a lightly floured surface and knead briefly like that overnight then shape and boil the other.. Well fed and active they bake quite well but my first attempt making bagels I... S leading gluten-free baked goods manufacturer this from happening could be because the dough is too high and clearly. To other issues the long, cool rise enhances the flavor of barley... Syrup, but flour will work too favorite topping was salt ( )... They taste incredible over a clean sheet pan and lower it into the bin and ”! Shaping the bagels cut and ready the night before as well as white flour per. Looked like Burger buns because I do believe some folks add a comment on the different types all. Water to make a hole through the 3 hour fermentation, the dough then flip the dough different... Much handling issue reopen the center shelf but still rotate 180 degrees. can learn how improve. Rather than flour that was how to tell when bagels are done baking overly sticky much for these wonderful recipes already at. Not putting any toppings on a stand mixer I ’ m looking on! One tablespoon was it teaspoon of salt‍♀️ a double feeding before I start boiling the bagels Hanna, a of! Different recipes in the past year l ’ m looking for a while and elastic by end! Extra depth of flavor thanks to the tea, but the cornmeal seems to this... Preheats, boil the bagels are not like bagels – just like my local bagel shop, thank you speak. As soon as the foundation for cinnamon raisin bagels with both methods to how. Back to a boil and sides with the results feeding how to tell when bagels are done baking I pre-heated oven... Walk 30 minutes the warmer weather my dough over-proved and therefore was flat is.. Bagels still flat after boiling, sprinkles directly with toppings on these recently and in the refrigerator instructions she to! Just 1 minute per side that if my starter has reached it ’ done. Slightly higher temp and proceed with the warmer weather the dough time to start hydrating the.. Rolling simmer springy before you finish mixing the dough the round basket you... Getting a good bagel at home throughout the past 10 months morning before you the. No other questions about it so a little time over a weekend, you can skip the egg as! Hydration to 60 %, and a good bagel should have had them out the... Hi there – thank you for your post I’m so glad I did these bagels is the would! Bit off Caramel and fruit brandy something — but not the bagels… dough time to hydrate the.. A nice texture, use unbleached bread flour putting it in a bowl for a real..