The term ‘public health practitioner’ is designed to describe a level of practice, not a specific job role or type of job. Promote the value of health and wellbeing and the reduction of health inequalities - demonstrating: A. how individual and population health and wellbeing differ and the possible tensions between promoting the health and wellbeing of individuals and health and wellbeing of groups In order to become a registered practitioner, individuals are required to complete a retrospective portfolio, demonstrating their knowledge, understanding and application against the UKPHR Practitioner Standards (2018, 2nd edition) You can find out more about the process by completing the UKPHR Online Introductory session here standards for practitioner registration were developed using the Public Health Skills and Career Framework as the source document and also drawn from both the NHS Knowledge ... UKPHR public health practitioner registration by retrospective portfolio assessment tools and tips on preparing a … A practitioner from cohort 1 gives her perspective on the scheme. put into place for Public health Specialists and UKPHR is working on the process for Public health Practitioners who currently have to re-register every five years. A personal perspective on the practitioner scheme. UKPHR consulted publicly on a draft of the amended standards from August to October 2018. UKPHR - Supporting Information (This document accompanies the Guidance above) UKPHR - Public Health Practitioner standards. Introduction ... • the relevance of the practitioner standards to the local context, • whether time put into support for practitioners pursuing registration is an effective investment, You can find more details of how UKPHR has been meeting the Standards UKPHR registers practitioners who have demonstrated their competence in public health practice. • Masterclasses in CPD priority areas, linked to UKPHR Standards and PHSKF (FPH accredited programme) • Online Portfolio Skills Workshops (2), to learn how to develop the portfolio UKPHR Practitioner Standards 5. All 12 standards and their associated indicators remain the same. UKPHR Consultation on revised practitioner standards Author: Sharon.Atkins Last modified by: WCH Created Date: 11/12/2009 10:48:00 AM Company: BSC Pontypool Other titles: UKPHR Consultation on revised practitioner standards The Thames Valley Public Health Practitioner Scheme has been running since 2012. •You can start to prepare for registration at any point in your career •Once you have been working at an autonomous level (Skills for Health* level 5 and above) for 2 years, you are eligible to join a scheme •But starting as soon as possible is a great idea- as you can compile much of your Preparing for UKPHR Practitioner Registration Ready? Support now delivered online • Preparation for registering with UKPHR against practitioner standards, creation of Development Cohort for people considering registration but not yet ready. These processes help ensure that UKPHR’s registrants are maintaining the required standards for registration. Revised UKPHR Framework and Guidance for Practitioner Registration Key Points (February 2014)1 1 Louise Holden, KSS Scheme Coordinator, February 2014 1 1. Public health webinars. The UKPHR has taken the broad definition of a ‘public health practitioner’ as someone who has autonomy in specific areas of public health work, continually developing their … In this way, the public, ... assured by the practitioner standards” Kristy Parnell Workforce Development Manager, Public Health England – West Midlands What do registrants say The scheme is a quality assured local assessment programme to enable practitioners to join the UK Public Health Register (UKPHR) and gain professional Practitioner Registration. UKPHR - Guidance for Applicants, Assessors and Verifiers. UKPHR standards 1.