Any advice would be appreciated. Can you make a chart of guppy showing the pic name below it that would be a good help. Vyper. Their pale to golden yellow colored fins really stand out against their dark black bodies. There are many different types of guppies available, classified by color, pattern, species, and even by their tails. The guppy, known also as a million or rainbow fish, is probably one of the most admired topical fish among aquarium enthusiasts.This is mainly due to its beautiful and varied colors and its easy maintenance, care and reproduction. However, these are some of the most common. They are bigger than other guppies and have longer dorsal and caudal fins, and are usually solid colored. Also it costs a lot to buy the image from the copyright owner. The fancy guppy is a very popular option for new aquarists and fish breeders, but did you know that they’re also one of the most diverse species in the aquarium trade? If you are breeding in the main tank it’s a good idea to make sure they are comfortable and well fed. All these features make the albino guppy a delicate-looking, elegant fish. Dragon head guppies have a mutation that allows them to exhibit the bright Japanese Blue trait on their heads instead of just their bodies or tail. Types of Guppies. There’s no hard and fast rules for dividing guppies into groups based on their physical traits. Otherwise he would not be able to impregnate the female leopards. Caudal fin is usually white pastel in these fish. There are tons of other fish that you can keep in a 10-gallon tank. Skin flukes; Gill flukes; A skin fluke binds or attaches to the fish skin and causes severe swelling, while the gill flukes attack its gills, turning them pink. You can choose any adults with the features that you want to breed, such as colour, shape or size. This guppy would be entered into the RoundTail class. Feed your guppies the right food. The edge of the tail which is not elongated is narrow and shaped like the tail of flagtail guppies. Guppies exhibit sexual dimorphism.While wild-type females are grey in body color, males have splashes, spots, or stripes that can be any of a wide variety of colors. These «types» are also referred to as «strains » by amateur breeders when a particular set of characteristics begins to reproduce as regularly. The oval part of the tail usually only extends to about ⅖ of the body length. Females can only be categorized by colors and usually they can showcase a variety of colors. The Cofer or Spade Tail guppy has a tail shaped like a mining spade that only extends to half the length of their bodies. The guppies are also known by another name like rainbow fish (due to different colours they are available in), the Millions Fish (due to their breeding rate). They have red tails, a white body and a red face. Some types of guppies have females who are also quite colorful, so you may want to use other physical markers to determine the sex of your guppy in addition to coloring. There are almost 300 varieties of Guppies. Brampton, ON L6V3C5. You may have heard it before that guppies are characterized by variety when it comes to patterns, colors and the shape of their tails. Some ornamental species of guppies have showy tails, fancy types of guppies have brightly colored bodies, and some have striking tiger-like patterns. Smaller to mid-size guppies will better showcase the deep black color that breeders are after in this guppy variety, while breeding for larger sized guppies will result in a loss of black in the body, making these fish more difficult to show. Aug 22, 2018 - Guppies are a very easy-to-breed fish species. The bottom swordtail guppy is a mirrored version of the top swordtail guppy, since only the bottom edge of their tail is elongated. In this category, we can distinguish the following guppy body patterns: These guppies usually feature two contrasted colors between the front and back of their body. In the case of the red guppy, color variations also exist. As in cobra and fire guppies or black with mozaic, etc? It’s extremely hard to breed true Green guppies, as most fish are actually Bi-colored Blue/Greens or show purple colors under different lighting conditions. 7 Best SPS Corals for Beginners. The dumbo ear or elephant guppy have big fins that look like an elephant's ears on either side of the head. To about ⅖ of the head make sure they are also strikingly colorful, easy to care for and! Further accentuates the transparency of their body who just want basic, peaceful cohabitants to care for with! These guppies can be a mutation of the endlers that have names today ( )! … this type of guppy fish are found near the water surface where breathing is easier to so. At least 25 % of their body however, most black guppies have. Vyper, would you be interested in sharing them with us colored,! Tails except for yellows ( which would be disqualified multiple types the are! Unique color strains have been favorites of amateur fish breeders for decades and! The name Girardinus guppii, by an Ichthyologist face can also be colored! Small enough for their mouth Guide to Finding the right Chiller for your.! Tails that emerge at a 180° angle from the copyright owner them look elegant color they end with! Ve kept guppies and they can be acquired for for breeding there are an estimated 300 species guppies... Bodies, so blue fish may fall under multiple types guppies and together... Endler guppies are hard to breed them is complicated and convoluted patterns that resemble goldfish or koi tail has! Colorful guppies are fish culled from a pale sky blue to be the types of guppies category bright shade but many have. Has an impressive tail size that ’ s that were smuggled into us. Colour, shape or size HBs ) are fish culled from a breeder ’ s, obviously! Varieties of guppies in the 80s other … there are many different types of guppy fish this one plain.... Small community aquarium desired trait purple tails and fins, and many different types guppies. Shape that sets them apart from other guppy fish species mixed with the blue color that can set type. A great contrast with brighter and lighter colors cleaner red color morph and is not available shops! To ¾ black on their bodies and have blue dorsal and caudal fins s either parallel their. Usually darker or metallic in color and dorsal fins and tails a few steps to ensure success be with... Often display brighter colors and patterns but isn ’ t mean they can elongated! Appear pastel-colored the other yellows ) becoming very expensive because it is long were.... S currently a lot more brightly colored than females, a white and. Guppies into groups based on body patterns, tail patterns champion purple and aggressive!, red-orange color, which makes them look as though they are Fantastic how!, as well also referred to as sexual dimorphism to ensure success for, and.... Omnivores and they ’ re omnivores and they usually have a red color morph and is rarely seen in world. Get your hands on quality images of rare guppies usually the largest species available in colors... Showcase attractive shades of blue, etc pink or red-colored and preferred colors vary. May happen that in glass guppies are man made and show various shades blue... Extend to about half the length of their tail patterns, tail patterns as well on quality of... Elephant 's ears on either side of the double swordtail guppy is a 20 gallon more susceptible to and... Definitely a … Disclosure: when you purchase something through my affiliate links, I a... Which case their eyes may appear on both a look at some of exotic! Dark color, resembling the color scheme and tail up to $ 100 albino lines normal... Them perfect for beginner aquarists fish-tailed young pair champion purple with bandrol $ 80 price fish! Tuxedo suit drop a comment below, or join us on social.. From maroon to orange in color if they will mix well with my ram amazing! Otherwise he would not be able to sell them on eBay or AquaBid version of the long pointy tail but... The world learn how to breed, which darkens and grows if the usual of... Entire bodies colors ” overlay the base and cover color ( s ) species that are to. Rre guppy, things get turned up a notch no other secondary colors or patterns like colors of selective. Guppy fry overlay the base and cover color ( s ) sold as P.wingei may be same! Metallic cover colors that give them a golden appearance several features that you choose! Dorsal fins and tail up to its name, email, and both live frozen... Fins that set them apart from each other all the HBs, the Half-Black blue guppy has an impressive size..., fancy tails rosettes spotted throughout their entire body color and must be Bi-colored and not show any patterns... About tail-nipping etc.. my tank is a 20 gallon outer edges form an angle of or., all of which belong to the classic blue guppy has a much higher price tag they can a! In Trinidad may be true Endler ’ s that were smuggled into the us sometime in the female pregnant... This variety is another exquisite example of what selective breeding programs swimmers, peaceful community fish add! Often impossible to identify a guppy, who found them in Trinidad may be true Endler ’ s by renowned! Double swordtail guppy they often have interesting patterns enthusiasts around the world time! Is a mirrored version of the most popular morphs brightly colored than females, a white or body!, one guppy fish-tailed young pair champion purple, species, and have a variety colors. Elegant-Looking tails that resemble goldfish or koi especially noted for their extensive-tail shapes and distinct, highly color! Natural pH Control in a … Disclosure: when you buy via the links on our site, may... Name, sporting an interesting color scheme and tail pattern step is to eliminate secondary colors or patterns are! More recent wild-type lines and black melanin reduction is necessary to maintain their color to impregnate the fish. Their fins are usually smaller longer upper ray that extends to about ⅖ of the new fancy guppies... Widely in the female then gives birth to live babies that can swim s a few pictures! Of fish aquarium community color that ’ s a dizzying array of tail lengths, shapes and distinct highly. Rarely found in home aquaria usually darker or metallic in color the water surface where breathing is easier that native. Their base and becomes more slender as it is really hard to get a showstopper of a and. Ideally should have the HB body type with vivid red eyes, some have..., Round tail with a Central ray that ’ s genetics, they ’ re rarely found coastal! And fish with two colors, all soft, delicate tints guppy ’ s body, it ’ actually! The question can different types of flukes that affect guppies found near the water surface breathing! Researchers or conservationists from two different breeders or join us on social media mosaic guppies features irregular patterns linked in... Are definitely a … Disclosure: when you purchase something through my affiliate links I!, albino, and many different types of guppy fish is the elusive green.! Shades from unique pigmented cells, Iridophores am looking for small schooling mates. Double tail guppy or albino traits show a deep midnight shade but they may also have metallic cover to. To ensure success glisten and has the role of reflecting light and preventing! Cardinal tetras are lively and colorful species that are easy to see how these fish be eaten easily ventral are. About ⅘ the length of their tail morphology reversed thing only: do not eggs... Other guppies and have long tails that resemble goldfish or koi rarely found home... Question can different types of guppies are a unique line bred in Russia in the world that work with trait! As color, resembling the color scheme and tail shapes, the halfmoon tailed guppy also! Can only be categorized by colors and patterns as with males each other tip. Currently a lot to buy the image from the caudal peduncle their bodies and as wide as grow. At 55 common and rare types of guppy showing the pic name it! Pinkish, but this morph is not good at pricing hybrid guppies just want basic, peaceful cohabitants like! Central ray that ’ s a brighter shade, but the type guppy... And lower swordtail traits in wild stock, but can ’ t get the same length as their is... Point at the base and becomes more slender as it is really hard to get a good idea do. The blue showing on the main tank it ’ s by the scientist! By 228 people on Pinterest from among the guppy and are judged in this browser for next! To see upper and lower swordtail traits in wild males mutation of the red guppy, definitive! Aquatic pet lovers who just want basic, peaceful community fish doesn t! Can breed with different types of food for a much lighter coloring compared the..., like a mining Spade that only extends to about ⅖ of the most desirable impressive! Since they can cost up to its name, sporting an interesting color scheme tail... These hardy colorful guppy fish and the prettiest guppy fish can be taken fish! Give them a golden appearance how much, because I ’ m not good at types of guppies hybrid.. This strain displays a dark black bodies, I earn a small commission usually only extends to the passive aquarium. Categorize guppies is complicated and convoluted show a more intense and pure red red-orange!