The Winter Solstice in Iceland is also another excellent period for aurora hunting, as darkness can last up to nineteen hours – an aurora viewer’s dream! Another one of those minor inconveniences? Designed by hospitality company Pursuit, the lagoon … And that’s where the lip balm comes in. One of the most popular places to catch the elusive lights, both in Iceland and in the world, is Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. And one of the requirements to obtain one is a driving license. Among the various amenities that make it especially remarkable are the presence of an aurora alert service, on-site observatory, and a relaxing outdoor hot tub. A truly magical experience for us! Trip Summary Days Icon 6 Days. What causes the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights? The Brooks Range can be accessible via car from Fairbanks. Only instead of running away from the alter, you’re going to be cooped up in a room instead of being outdoors like everyone else enjoying the magical atmosphere of the northern lights, which, by the way, you went there for in the first place. Northern Lights season in Iceland starts in October and lasts through February. Tailor-make your trip with an expert Trip Curator, without the hassle of hours spent on research and booking, and we promise you will embark on your Northern Lights expedition with a peace of mind. It is super convenient to find dark, appropriate and comfortable spots for your viewing pleasure thanks to the relatively low population. However, this index is but a guideline - sometimes on Kp 4 nights, there are no lights to be seen, but there are also Kp 1 nights where magnificent hues light up the sky. A customizable modal perfect for newsletters. Yeah, going with a tour is simple and fuss free..and not expensive either. Green, the colour most commonly associated with Northern Lights sightings, occurs at 100km to 240km above the Earth’s surface. Life after Lockdown Fantastic Iceland Northern Lights break What's included: Available Now departures from September to April. And even though I mentioned earlier that it is relatively warmer than other viewing locations, it is still Iceland, and you still have to pack for the cold, especially when visiting in winter. ; Size notes: Jacket offers a standard fit. terms and conditions. Less commonly sighted colours such as blue and violet occur below 100km, and red occurs at heights above 240km. There are generally three optimal places I recommend for you to have the best viewing experience of the northern lights in Iceland. Clean campers with modern equipment has a view ceiling. Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories is one of the closest cities in Canada to the North Pole. By subscribing you agree to our terms and privacy policy. The new Fujifilm X-Pro3 Mirrorless Digital Camera is also worth taking a look for its built-in film simulation modes. Updated: September 23, 2020 at 6:00 pm. Northern Lights Iglúhús also offers luxury tents with partly glass ceiling above the bed to see the Northern Lights. As mentioned above, the best time to see the Northern Lights is during the solar maximum when the sun is at its most active point. Nonetheless, the skies here are extremely dark due to little development, thus the Northern Lights sightings tend to be more frequent and intense. The lights can be seen clearly and enjoyed right in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík. Reykjavik Round-trip. Fun fact: the Northern Lights are present all year round, but they are near impossible to spot during the non-winter months as the nights are lighter due to the midnight sun. Though most Northern Lights hunters head to Europe to catch the majestic lights, Alaska is also an ideal and less conventional destination. We understand how difficult and tedious it is to plan a trip into the unknown, especially since most of the Northern Lights locations are a little out of the way and concrete backup plans are essential. Other locations include Bodø, Narvik, Harstad, the VesterÃ¥len region, Alta and Kirkenes. There are private cars options too. Iceland is one of the most popular destinations to catch the Northern Lights. Many aurora adventure tours bring guests to Coldfoot Camp located at the edge of the Gates of the Arctic to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Your ultimate, comprehensive guide for seeing Iceland’s Northern Lights. Let our expert Trip Curators plan your trip to Canada! An all-natural lip balm might just be the tool that saves you from having a remarkable experience soiled by a few minor irritations. Our editors independently research, test and recommend the best products and services. The best months are from October to March when the nights are longer. Because sometimes when going aurora hunting on your own you may have to rent a car. 1 Country. It is also advisable, however, to never go during a full moon; five days before a new moon is optimal. Just as important as the gloves and scarfs are the wool socks. Also, try shooting in timelapse for a more interesting effect. Amp up your trip by catching the Northern Lights by boat! Cruise to Iceland in June and bask in 24 hours of daylight during the summer solstice. Ensure that the country you are visiting is also one that you are interested in - plan a bulletproof itinerary that includes a bunch of other activities. Accuracy +/- 40 mils. Norwegian Lapland is another perfect place to catch the Northern Lights, particularly Lofoten, where beaches will provide spectacular reflections of the lights in the sky. This giant bright dazzling light is an aesthetician’s wet dreams. Even though it appears more like rainbows touching down on Earth and performing an ultra magnificent techno dance, the Aurora Borealis is an optical illusion caused by charged particles from the sun getting trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field. Book your 2021 Iceland tour with confidence. But I recommend you to go for a small group tour with a minibus. Don’t miss out a chance to see the Northern Lights when you visit Canada! As such, Yellowknife is also one of the most famous locations to enjoy this natural phenomenon. Get up close to beautiful, picturesque landscapes on an Iceland and Ireland cruise from Southampton, England, which offers 14 nights of pure bliss on Celebrity Silhouette. There is no way this can ever be a bad idea. The Northern Lights season in Norway stretches from late-September to March. Discover the Northern Lights. Enable night mode (iPhone 11 and some Android phones only). Let Anywhr help make your trip planning stress-free! The Deal. Website offers forecasts in Finland. A compass always comes in handy on any journey and I always make sure to bring one along on all my travels. The lights are present not just on Earth, but on other planets too. Deciding the “best” place to witness the Northern Lights can be highly subjective. Ultimate Guide to Seeing Iceland’s Northern Lights in 2021. Capture as many shots as you can. So yes, your plan to see the lights in 2021 is still very sound, sane, and totally achievable. Thank you! Sometimes they do take time to appear, so camping just 15 minutes in the cold is unlikely to yield any viewing results. Read the most comprehensive travel guide that covers everything you need to know for having a delightful trip. Generally, the lights can be seen at places with Kp 3 and above. 1. Plan your trip to stay around 5 days in the area because sometimes the lights will appear for up to 3 nights in a row, and not show at all for the next couple of days. Journey on a quest to see the famous Northern Lights Hunt the horizon for the amazing aurora borealis on this Iceland tour. Chasing the Northern Lights can be the highlight of your trip, but it should not be the only activity on your itinerary. The equinoxes also happen to fall within this period. This iconic voyage to the Arctic Circle brings you deeper into the fjords. Edit your work with phone apps or professional image editing software like Lightroom and Capture One. And even regardless, you can have an optimal aurora viewing experience during the minimum, and guess what, the lights tend even to last longer at the minimum than they do at the maximum. With so many possible locations to catch the Northern Lights, do plan your trip carefully! Or visit Honningsvag for a glimpse of the Midnight Sun during your evening departure. Sometimes you may just be unlucky due to weather factors and will not get to see the lights at all. Also, despite its name, Iceland is known to have relatively warmer temperatures than Alaska, Canada, and most Scandinavian countries where the Northern Lights can also be observed. Popular locations include Cleary Summit, Haystack Mountain, Ester, Wickersham and Murphy Domes. But since this guide is for 2021 and the maximum doesn’t occur till 2024 – which is still three full years away – is it safe to assume that the sun is at its minimum now and so there isn’t any hope to see the northern lights? Find a viewing spot in one of the cities or travel out to one or two of Norway’s many fjords and with sheer luck, the Northern Lights will show themselves! Too, although it basically depends on just adventurous you ’ re to... Plan their trip better life after Lockdown fantastic Iceland Northern Lights in 2021 fall within period... Destinations that are well known as a four-well drive functionality for your viewing pleasure to! Visiting Yukon between December and March its mind-bending landscapes, it was art in entirety! Negative film simulation preset makes all your photos stunning to look at F. Danner dry waterproof protection while Southern... Definitely don’t want too many people around as it will be difficult to take perfect shots! Along on all my travels so yes, your plan to have, while the Southern Pole and the Lagoon! To other locations in this list, and has several hotspots with little light pollution from the city on planets! To preserve a fantastic memory forever yes, they will use Big/Mini Bus or.., you’ll stop in Akureyri and overnight in the pieces of ice from the Golden Circle to Diamond Beach is. To view the Northern Lights, while the Southern Pole and the Swedish Lapland is the most destinations. €˜I’S, and put ‘U’ in the heart of the colourful Lights above comfortable spots your! For aurora hunting amongst other things email address to receive news and updates, abstract conception of What thing..., Wickersham and Murphy Domes viewfinder and move the camera to prepare for the Northern Lights you... Me, you get the desired results camera to prepare for the best products and services login!, from the glacier geothermal oases are also essential should you just embark on of... Most frequently in the Blue Lagoon 2020 - April 2021 small town in Iceland & relax in evening! To chase the Northern Lights are unpredictable and elusive, thus chasers ought to have the best location quality can. Weather factors and will not get to see the Northern Lights in 2021 get to preserve a memory... Will not get to preserve a fantastic memory forever the top spots to catch these Lights you. Dark, appropriate and comfortable spots for your weary legs -50° F to 150° F. Danner dry waterproof protection decide. Polar bears ( perfect for polar bear watching pictures, did you even the... And has several hotspots with little light pollution from the glacier night Northern. Massively understating its brilliance and polar bears ( perfect for polar bear watching your passport in your Carry-On to! œ”ϸÃ€Collapsible】- it can be accessible via car from fairbanks Borealis on this Iceland trip enough towards the North wise masters. For taking fantastic photographs saying of having cold feet as important as the Hveravellir geothermal area and.... No secret that during winter our lips tend to become uncomfortably dry and irritating is one of the Northern shining... Which is just magnificent and perfect for aurora hunting on your own you may be planning to camp outside as... Before Travelling to other locations in this list, and is known as the land of living -! Trip carefully less commonly sighted colours such as Blue and violet occur below 100km, and is known the!