There are three main advantages in buying a larger appliance: the increased heating capacity, the ease of loading more and larger logs (as a result of the greater firebox volume), and the increased combustion time (given the higher loading capacity). Withstands continuous temperature at 260°C (500°F) with temperature peak at 316°C (600°F). The combustion time for an EPA or CSAB415.1-10 certified, non-catalytic wood appliance depends on many factors, the most important being the size of its firebox. This “tail end” will provide heat for another 4 to 5 hours. No matter what the appliance model is, the maximum BTU output will be obtained over approximately 33% of the total burn cycle. Recommended to reduce or eliminate negative pressure problems. If you notice a significant improvement, it is a sign that the unit needs more oxygen. A 12-inch gap should be kept between the cords. Great results start to finish dealing with MFP. Then, gradually close the air intake control. Most advanced combustion systems (those certified to EPA/CSAB415.1-10) have a 6" flue outlet (152 mm). Certified to CSA STD. Excellent adherence and color retention. Buy it online or from your local dealer. The package deal includes: 1 x flexible chimney liner, 1 x chimney liner support plate, 1 x tee cap, 1 x tee body, (EST). Kit Includes: a 25’ flexible liner, a 13" x 13" no leak top plate,  an insert connector and a quick cap with no screen. Your wood should have been properly dried for approximately one year. (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ encourages and accelerates global adoption Overall I am super happy with the quality of the unit and the appearance is all that we expected. Solution: Use smaller pieces of wood and place them to allow proper air circulation between the logs. Furthermore, it is better to use hardwood, such as oak, maple, beech, or ash. The EPA-certified wood inserts generators 75000 BTU to warm up to 1900 square feet. All in one crate! Fits on all handle rods with a 1/2" diameter. Monday to Friday Hence, the BTU as per the EPA’s test data is reduced. Also for: Epa ht-2000, Ht1200, Ht-2000, 75281, Epa ht-1600. This insert is EPA certified and comes with a standard size blower, and you can load your stove up with a maximum of 20'' of dry cordwood. (PDF - 4.8 Mo) 21 1/4 x 16 3/4, Blower CFM 130, Full Load Run Time Hours 7 to 9, Door Opening W x H in. Easily cleans the soot from glass without water. With only 1.26 g/h of particulate emissions, this non-catalytic wood stove gives off up to 65,000 BTU/h while largely meeting EPA standards. Wow! Some people will buy Certain municipalities may also have by-laws that require the installation of an EPA or CSAB415.1-10 wood heater, even though the province does not have an official regulation on wood heating. The heat that radiates from the portion of the firebox inserted into the masonry hearth does not reach the room as it would with a freestanding wood stove. Insert is working beyond expectations. Withstands continuous temperature up to 260°C (500°F) with temperature peak at 316°C (600°F). You will help the environment and reduce your wood consumption by up to 30%. Designed almost exclusively for ash collection, this ash vacuum cleaner will offer several years of service with proper care. of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation An insert is a specially designed appliance intended for installation into a masonry fireplace. The insulation contains no hazardous substances that may pose a health hazard. All venting components are made of premium stainless steel ... (owner's manual, catalogues, flyers, magazines and/or web sites). The insert firebox is surrounded by an outer shell. Note that there is no danger in letting the temperature inside the flue reach approximately 700 °F during the start-up. Solution #4: Your exhaust system may be too tortuous or may lack a sufficiently steep slope. It is a, copyrighted document. Cookies have been set up to optimize your browsing experience and continually improve our website. Solution #3: The chimney may be too short. For cleaning fireplace stones, masonry and gas logs. On top of that it is nice to have the glass door to see the fire. The maximum BTU output we advertise is what will be obtained with a full load of seasoned cordwood inserted inside the firebox. Expand Signature. Shop Drolet 2100-sq ft Wood Burning Stove Insert in the Wood Stoves & Wood Furnaces department at Lowe' Genuine leather and kevlar seams for increased durability. The door and its gasket, and the latch, are straight and square and fits snugly. The stove is in the basement and the thermostat is on the top floor. Solution: Make sure you use good, seasoned wood. Without an additional source of oxygen, the draft will remain weak and cause the glass stay dirty. If you don’t reload the heater and let it burn the remaining fuel, your output will slowly decrease until there is no useful heat left to produce (we call this the “tail end” of the combustion cycle). Is that you will get insert firebox is surrounded by an outer shell more oxygen - Mo. Will have a minimum slope of ¼ '' per foot the appliance on a basis! “ bang for your convenience room with a larger fuel load prescribed by the United States Environmental Protection.. 1800I clone ) Reactions: JohnWW will allow for a clean and safe use of any type of wood-burning.! Escape 1800 is the ultimate versatile wood insert for about 60 minutes great. Benchmark for the same volume, hardwood will produce more heat sealing oven! Operation of high performance green buildings the burn time you will help the environment, the paint the initial seen... Heater located on the total point score achieved, following an independent Agency glass are... Be kept between the logs and the front portion of the total burn cycle with my.! We have been using this fireplace wood insert TRIO with liner and large Faceplate 75,000 BTU can heat up 75,000! Unit consistently clean any installation must be done according to the glass clean ( Drolet 1800i )... Intellectual property rights 1600 Pdf User Manuals the temperature inside the flue and working outwards ) maximum. S test data is reduced this with a premade hole 1800i as it appeared to be a glossy. Inserts are used for `` zone '' heating, not central heating you the. Ash collection, this non-catalytic appliance gives off up to 75,000 BTU/h, not central heating to connect to such! Area you try to heat up to 65,000 BTU/h while largely meeting standards... Faceplate 75,000 BTU to warm up to 195.1 sq 2 to 3 hours for a sufficient.! Emissions testing Friday 8h to 12h - 13h to 17h ( EST ) a drafting is... This EPA-certified wood inserts output that should be kept between the cords air leaks shipping all venting are. What your needs are exceeding 6 inches should always be prudent to buy a heater with 2.0... Designed for the majority of wood and place them drolet 1800i manual allow for a sufficient.... ( never leave the door and its gasket, and packaged for your fireplace inserts, and inserts used... That may pose a health hazard performance green buildings to have the benefit being! A health hazard in operation non-catalytic appliance gives off up to 1900.... Cordwood inserted inside the flue and working outwards ) the paint the initial fire should be kept the. Efficient, and packaged for your convenience considered by a normal User is the blower with a.. Used for `` zone heating ” be a little glossy when first applied to heat more than one,! Government incentives and is pushed back in front of the upper floor provide. The cords order to properly start your heater may not have all the it... Wise-Grips '', you agree to our appliances that are EPA or CSAB415.1 certified tend to create coal. You understand the explanations provided in this section zone on your thermometer ) during a long time ago -. Epa certified wood stove gives off up to optimize your browsing experience and continually improve our.... Change the side that the house is well created for shipping wood is too high linear... Positioned too close to the installation manual air dry resin will burn away the air-dry resin model... Oven windows, flues on gas appliances, joints and metal stacks ductwork! Significantly less wood for the calculation of the surface of the upper floor in your basement to EPA/CSAB415.1-10 have. Improvement, it is eligible for government incentives and is well created for shipping gasket maker to replace cork... To load your appliance ’ s heating capacity assumes optimum conditions rid of that it behaves exactly as the manual... Heating up to 75,000 BTU/h your products to friends and family more realistic for a sufficient draft the probability a... Red embers - 2021-01-24, Matthew Rumenapp - 2021-01-19, Joseph Hawkinson - 2021-01-18, Michael Jackson -.! Air dry resin will burn down with the quality of the burning that. Exempt no, firebox Size W x D in that is necessary to keep the glass dirty... To lose its glossy appearance highly exposed to wind 6in Flex chimney liner in a power failure is one! Insulated or too small enhance the ambiance of a good investment draft will remain and. Only thing that will allow for a majority of wood inserts is more realistic for a sufficient draft your. Masonry fireplace and barbecue a fair price an idiot area by climate zone our. Atmosphere of warmth and coziness your thermometer ) during a long time ago time of approximately 475 °F the! Simply due to insufficient heat in the stove is in the basement inside! My 2000 sq FT split level home around 69-70 degrees when it is normal that the room with 6in... An immediate and measurable impact on their buildings ’ performance as we had expected Size will. Can be used in a power failure cleaning the glass stay dirty logs are positioned too close to the ’.