Browning BAR Lightweight .308 WIN. These hand engraved beauties were made in Belgium (not assembled in Portugal). Works perfectly with my ‘87 Browning BAR .270. Rifle was built in Belgium. Scope is a Nikon Pro Staff 3x9x40 Matte w/Nikoplex. Ordering this model without sights became an option in 1988. Very good plus to near fine used condition. spire point ammo. « Colt M1991A1 Sierra #8900 bullets sealed container ( .458 Dia. I should say also that I bought this rifle after shooting my uncles 270 BAR made in the early 70’s. Excellent condition, fired less that 24 times.#245PN73666 = value? I am looking for a monetary value as well as opinions on condition/wear, age and any other relative information Browning .30.06 *Made in Belgium*Assembled in Portugal with Scope Redfield 3x … Made in Belgium assembled in Portugal on the other side. Buy Browning BAR 30-06 Belgium MADE Assembled in Portugal MAKE OFFER! Function and fit are just like the original. It has not seen the light of day until recently so any ribbing I get is to be expected. Action have some nicks and scratches. Mounted w/Leopuld 1 pcs. It has*SPECIAL STEEL-12 GAUGE-SHELLS 2 3/4" on one side and Browning Arms Co. Morgan Utah and Montreal P.Q. Results filtered by . I had some rifles and shotguns handed down to me. The effect the phases of the moon have on roedeer hunting ... 25, B-4040, HERSTAL, BELGIUM R.P.M.- Liège : 0430.037.226 Stamped "Made in Belgium Assembled in Portugal." Browning Owners. The 'M' in the serial number indicates the gun is a BAR sporting rifle, but there was no M57 serialization since the gun was not introduced until 1967. This is a Safari grade w/ingraving in the smoking 270 Weatherby magnum caliber. sling swivels with leather sling. Only the parts of those rifles were made in Belgium, then they were assembled in Portugal. "6) Browning BAR in either the .30-06 or .270 calibers - Introduced in 1967, Browning manufactured the BAR in Belgium until 1976. Stock is like new. The gun is beautiful It has silver grey finish on receiver. Browning Bar Cal .270 Win SN:137RN12165 Semi-auto hunting rifle made in Belgium and assembled in Portugal. and assembled BARs (marked "Made in Belgium"). BAr's have Belgian parts assembled in Portugal and have been this way for a few years ..the Long Trac models I am not sure where they are made. DISCOVER THE NEW X-BOLT PRO CARBON. I don't think Browning ever manufactured here except from some very early handguns like the .25 acp but these may have been made by other companies under the Browning Patent and excluded the Browning name. This was history making for Browning, as the BAR was the first Browning firearm made in Belgium with assembly at an all new Browning plant in Viana, Portugal. Belgium Browning Model BAR Silver Semi-Auto Rifle, SN# 437RN50750, (Assembled in Portugal), .270 Cal, Gold Trigger, Grade III with Elk Carving on Left Hand Side of Receiver, Big Horn Sheep Carving on Right Hand Side of Receiver, Leupold Model VX-III 3.5-10x40mm Silver … Bright blue finish, high gloss checkered wood semi-pistol grip stock with hard plastic butt plate and sling swivels installed. OEH You are right.I forgot they are assembled in Portugal. Rifle is in pristine condition with absolutely zero markings anywhere. If it was assembled in Portugal, it is not considered a true Belgium Browning to collectors. After some digging around I have come up with the Browning BAR safari .30-06 as my potential first rifle. It is engraved with elks on … Browning refers to this semi-automatic hunting rifle as the "BAR", which has caused confusion with the selective-lire Model 1918 military rifle of that name. FN manufactured and assembled Grade I's can be denoted by light scroll engraving on the receiver. I would buy again. The initial offerings were the Grade I, which offered subdued appointments, and Grade II, which had fancier wood, and engraving on the receiver; it was this model that caught my eye as a youngster. This barrel was manufactured in Belgium. The Serial number is 038207. This auction is for 1 used Browning BAR, Browning Automatic Rifle in .270 Win, Grade I, and is in really nice shape. Stock is beautiful high gloss wood and bore is shinny. They are the early model BAR sporting rifles. Add 20% for FN mfg. Made in Belgium assembled in Portugal mounted with a Leopold 3x10 power scope. My was made in Belgium but assembled in Portugal I think. : GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 888660143 LSB#: 170705GP01 Make: Browning (Made by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium and assembled in their plant in Portugal.) Bluing is in like new condition. Collectors, this is a new and unfired Browning BAR Grade IV. Most modern BARs are made in Belgium but assembled in Portugal. This gun has a 22 Barrel. Location: Morgan, Utah. The BARs made in Belgium seem to have a certain mystique about them, even though the quality of the guns didn't change when manufacturing moved to Japan. Model: BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) Magnum Serial Number: 137NM06371 Year of Manufacture: 1990 Caliber: .338 Winchester Magnum Action Type: Semi-Auto with 3 Round Box Magazine Clipped Into the Magazine Floorplate Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked “BROWNING … This one was made in 1980. Barrel is 22 inches with hooded front sight and flip up rear sight and is mounted with a Redfield 1 to 4 power scope with a single post reticle. The Model 1918 BAR ( Browing Automatic Rifle ) was designed by John M. Browning (1855-1926) and was a mainstav weapon of U.S. troops in World Wars I and II. With Q.D. - Answered by a verified Firearms Expert BLOG ENTRIES. I am talking 100 % made and assembled in Belgium. However I am unsure how I can tell which BARs not only made in Belgium (which is apart from a short stint in the later production years, almost all of them) but more importantly also assembled in Belgium. 1992. The first couple of years of manufacturing, they used a different sequence in the serial numbering process 2020 BROWNING CATALOGUE. Originally they were made in Belgium. Browning BAR 7mm Remington mag made in Belgium Boyd’s stock w/ Brake leupold 1” scope mount ... Belgian made assembled in Portugal. Choose your Firearm. Browning BAR in .30-.06 Cal. Disc. Recoil pad added. DISCOVER. Browning 9mm made in Belgium, assembled in Portugal. This is a fixed full choke barrel that does not accept a screw in choke. Fast shipping from MGW. If you go to Brownings website, you can date your Bar, except for the years 67 to 69. Due to scammers and spammers, you must now Login to use the contact form. Est. Made in Belgium assembled in Portugal. The extra mags ordered are official Browning parts and are made in Portugal. GO TO THE PAGE. BAR Grade I - standard grade without engraving, blue finish. Leather sling included. Our Assessment: The Browning BAR rifle was originally manufactured and assembled in Belgium, but in the early 1970’s, assembly was transferred to Portugal. This auction is for 1 used Browning BAR, Browning Automatic Rifle in .270 Win, Grade I, and is in really nice shape. More Items Related to Browning BAR 270 This is a 1981 model. I hope to get some help identifying the model of a Browning .270 I bought in early 1980’s. Forums > General > Product Review > browning semi auto BAR made in belgium and assembled in portugal. Finally... Australia (I think). Browning BAR’s have been assembled at Browning Viana since the early seventies. Description: Browning Factory BAR replacement barrel Barrel is stamped "Made in Belgium Assembled in Portugal" Plain barrel Includes Gas Cylinder Require use of your existing Gas Regulator, Gas Regulator Gasket, and Gas Piston. My rifle and original magazine were made in Belgium. Checkered forea Please check ther serial number. A true Belgium Browning BAR is a rifle that was completely made and assembled by FN in Belgium (1967-1977 apx.). Randy Copper BB. Rifle was made in Belgium and assembled in Portugal. To my knowledge, all the Browning Bar's where and are made in Belgium and assembled in either Belgium (early years) or Portugal. This gun has been through several generations and I was wondering if any of them originally came with a pollychoke on the barrel, because mine has or ''had'' one until it broke off. Have for sale a Browning BAR in .270. Discussion in 'Product Review' started by Randy, Sep 23, 2014. The Browning BAR sporting rifles feature components made by Browning in Belgium and then final assembly is done at the Browning Viana works in Portugal. Id like more information as i am not familiar. Then (for a while) in Japan. The BAR has been produced in Belgium since its inception, though the assembly work was transferred to the Viana, Portugal factory on the early 1970’s. Love shooting this one too but his was an original Belgium build and assembly. Has been hunted with and used so there are … This is a hardly used Browning Bar. of weatherby 150 grn. I am looking to buy this rifle , it is used but looks in real good shape. This gun comes with factory box for rifle and 17 rnds. Grading 98% $575, 95% $500 . 22 1/2" barrel withSemi-auto hunting rifle made in Belgium and assembled in Portugal. BROWNING ARMS CO. base and rings. The USA just doesn't sound right. After 1976, Browning USA moved its production to Japan. Love shooting his rifle. Note: This barrel will only fit Browning BAR … I have a belgian made browning light twelve, I have researched it and found that it was made AND assembled in belgian in 1952.