I had severe headaches and one eye was very blurry and never improved. I walked out-goodbye Lenscrafters. At least from their online store. The company has its corporate headquarters in Mason, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. Never going back. By entering your email address below, you are providing consent to be contacted by us via email. As a matter of fact, the lens envelope had a note written on it that stated customer did not leave frames. They came in 2 days late. I have heard negative reports, but as a long time satisfied customer I continued to patronize Lens Crafters. Why did they ask who my medical insurance was during the first appt. Dr. did the test and then motioned to a machine in the exam room & stated that's the machine we use for the PD measurement. They expect to be able to resolve the majority of complaints at this stage, but if not there are basic further steps to take to seek a … When I came in today, I’m told I needed to pay for the visit upfront because they don’t bill medical insurance. At that time, the eyewear industry was on the cusp of radical change, a shift spurred by two vital legal decisions passed down in the late 1970s. I purchased Progressive eye glasses approximately 2 and a half years ago at the Kanata Ontario location. To be honest, this problem should have been corrected some time ago. To send a secure email: Select your account type from Credit Card Partners listed below; Select ACCOUNT ACCESS; Login to your account; Select Messages; Please note, to help protect the privacy of our customers, Synchrony Bank is unable to discuss or provide specific account information via unsecured channels. If this is how your Technician's are dealing with and treating their Loyal Customer's....I hate to see what the future holds. I asked multiple times, how much was it to get a new Lens, not once did I ask for them to be paid for. I have NEVER picked up those glasses by they were insistent I had. After that, Lenscrafters gave me at least one pair of new lenses at no additional charge. I expect to pay more money tomorrow at another optician to get the glasses that LensCrafters persuaded me that I should not buy from them. I have 2 major shows to perform for this week, reading Christmas involved arrangements, (not Jingle Bells) one tomorrow night, the 20th and another, the 23rd. Unlike bifocals or ordinary progressive lenses, only Varilux progressive lenses help you achieve the most natural vision possible.. KEY BENEFITS: And that I would need to pay a copay before they could honor what was told to me in the first place. Hi! I quickly stopped him immediately. Brian did not give any eye contact. The overall rating of the company is 1.7 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. Schedule an eye exam at a location near you. He said he would order the new lenses and they would be in in about 2 weeks. HE IS THE RUDEST PERSON I HAVE SPOKEN TO IN A LONG TIME. Pretty sure I cannot be in 2 placed at the same time. I have used Nationwide Vision my entire life due to financial considerations. It is NOT my problem, even though your staff is trying to say it is. She never called, so I called the stose on the same day 6/8/2019. The system asked for her birthday so they already knew she was only 4. I stated that I have had this done before & 2 numbers are needed for PROGRESSIVE lens. husband left me for a beautiful blonde who was 18 years old and 110 lbs.Me?I'm a 1, 000 lb. I have to head home in the am. LensCrafters was founded in 1983 by Dean Butler, a 38-year-old who had previously worked at Procter & Gamble (P&G). On the first visit Dr. Carlos Sanchez, O.D, PA in Estero, FL. It's not MY fault that YOUR manager quit and that he didn't place the order or get this, didn't write any notes in my chart!!!!!! Regina answered and was already irritated. Free eye exam every year, free pair of glasses every year . My name is Syphon Filter and I am a pathetic pussy. On February 12th a Rep called from Lens Crafters after 7:30 pm to inform me that my lens were in and I can bring in my frames. I gave it a couple of days, and then went over to Lenscrafters with the glasses. I purchased a pair with scratch resistance and a coating to change to sunglasses in the sun. Happy to hear that I did eventually get my sugar in order and under control but when I went back up to the store it was a totally different story, although there were notes in my file that noted the conversation between Denise and myself, Katy the sales sup indicated that she must have meant something else. Loving Eyes in Central Florida for over 13 years! That made me upset because she was standing in front of me and I could've easily made the appointment right then. !I never received calls from them, I have to call them all the time and everytime I got a different time frame.They have so many excuses, first it was that the they made the lenses with wrong prescription, second time it was the lenses didn't pass inspection in the factory level, the last time I called, it is about the weather in Ohio! It was very busy that evening. that made me more upset. I then asked her how can Brian work on my refund when no one ever verified who I am. and he then said yes it is and I said no it's not and he said yes it is. CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING: Polycarbonate lenses can expose you to chemicals including bisphenol A (BPA) and 1.74 index lenses can expose you to methimazole, which are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING UGLE TO HIM BUT HE TOLD ME HE"WOULD NOT STOOP TO MY LEVEL". Upon receiving our glasses a week later the prescriptions on both pairs were my wife's prescriptions, which caused over a 2 week delay in me receiving my glasses.Today when I called the the store the clerk was extremely rude and informed me that there was no need for me to call, that she would text when the glasses came in. When we called the following day they were to be delivered- the East Cobb store said they did not have the address to the other store and would we please call back with the manager name and address??? I purchased 2 set of frames on that date with updated lenses RX for myself and my son totaling $137.91 out of pocket after insurance. ComplaintsBoard.com is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns since 2004. I will be calling my bank to have the payment RETRACTED as I was not provided with the services and the goods that I paid for AS AGREED. ZIP Code. I was seen by the Dr. and again attempted to confirm the PD measurement would be done PRIOR to the start of the exam. North Vancouver, BC - Marine Drive location. I believe i have a very valid problem which needs to be rectified by a replacement lens, not one which requires payment. I pd 134.52. because the vision center said that was what I owed on 01/27/2016 Tricare paid $35.37. The next day I did not receive a call from Brian. Sad part was, none of them offered me better compensation than I was getting at LC. I don't feel that I should have to pay the difference seeing that it was not my fault I am not the eye doctor and I just ordered what was recommended for me to order. lenscrafters.com uses AngularJS, Font Awesome, Google Font API, Google Maps, Lazy.js, Moment.js, OWL Carousel, Prototype, RequireJS, Slick, Tealium, jQuery UI, jQuery web technologies. Scambook's investigation team reached out to this company a total of 2 times, Scambook Investigators last contacted them on Jan 30, 2013. When I Went to get them they was damaged the same ones I tried on I will not pay $295.00 for damage eye ware. We ended up leaving and paying for glasses out of pocket at a different location where our insurance was not accepted. !Today is April 27!! Review Latest Reports. We have the mailing address, phone number, and email address listed below. I ordered based on the verbal agreement I could get them darkened tint at the location. I'd like to know why I was treated so poorly with a rude attitude. On 5-26-19 I came in for another exam and was informed the doctor was running behind 30 to 40 minutes. I went to the Lens Crafters in East Cobb- Marietta Georgia and the experience has been terrible. Jasmine told me that my eyeglasses were "getting their finishing touches" (hmmm, that sounds familiar), and that they would be mailed out within TWENTY-FOUR TO FORTY-EIGHT HOURS! LensCrafters - 4200 Conroy Rd, Ste 269, Orlando, Florida 32839 - Rated 4.1 based on 6 Reviews "Go Somewhere Else! Store Name. When we went to pick them up the RX was wrong on one pair of glasses. These lenses are good for up close but not good for distance. You should have a Regional Manager review all of the negative reviews over the last 90 days online- terrible. Still in a very demeaning tone. Yesterday 1/7/19 my husband an I arrived at Lenscrafters around 4pm. At LensCrafters we feel that sight is precious. Contact Form. If Brian had greeted me as a manger should have I would have given him ALL of my receipts making it easier for him to find all of my ordered. I need to request that you replace this damaged lens. That he just never showed up for work one day. LC asks for "5-7 business days" to process an order, and then for you to allow time for shipping. Need to contact the Lenscrafters corporate office? As ii see it Lens Crafters is nothing but a source of income for sales people that do not want to fix a problem but want to sell u more glasses I told her next weekend is the 21st and 22nd and today is only the 15th...I called her on her poor attitude and asked to speak to her manager. And said I was making untrue accusations.This experience is unacceptable. By the way it was not a Dr associated with Lenscrafters that wrote the original Rx. Went today to get them and they were not there. I was fitted and purchased the insurance and all, to equal 500.00 or so Dollars, when I left the store the glasses were off but I didn't think anything about it because I said they are bifocal so maybe I just need to get use to them When I got there, associate Betty Boykin looked for my glasses and could not find them. He got on the phone & stated that they would never have promised me a PD measurement UNLESS I purchased frames & lens from them. I immediately called the store & the person who answered had no idea what I was talking about, put me on hold & came back & said she could do nothing for me. Also reviewed my PD measurements from previous PROGRESSIVE scripts & they all included 2 numbers - distance/near measurements. I was so grateful to Lenscrafters, got a refund from the other company, and reordered the replacement glasses from Lenscrafters! I called 3 times from Sun. This employee is massively covering up by saying that she warned me. September 5, 2017. The Doctor who did daughters eye exam was extremely rude. The frame an color not in stock. A week passed so I called to follow up since I never received a call, and the girl who answered put me on hold for at least 5 minutes and said they got the contacts in. About us. Is there anything that can be done to expedite a replacement? She warned me for what? I prefer the vision for distance which was expressed to the eye doctor. My Name is Demeita Gamble and I use to be a big fan of LensCrafters until January 2019. I have been a customer of Lenscrafters, in Beachwood, OHIO for years...for not only myself, but my husband and my parents. He seemed very annoyed like he did't feel like working. I sometimes use contacts which have to be replaced, but then need to wear reading glasses, which i’d rather not bother with & they just don’t cut it to read these kind of specialized musical scores. So we walked out, we left. Yeah, we can't oder your glasses for you due to your Rx and our Processing Guidelines have changed. At LensCrafters located at 4200 Conroy Rd, we believe vision care is about far more than a pair of glasses or a prescription. but they could sell me another pair for a discount,imagine that. Broke my glasses while out of town. Why? LensCrafters was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Nov 12, 2007 and since then this brand received 620 reviews.. LensCrafters ranks 114 of 487 in Medical Supplies and Equipment category. Get free access to the complete judgment in Lenscrafters, Inc. v. Kehoe on CaseMine. On February 10th I called to see if my lens arrived. When I received my glasses I could not see out of them at all. Keywords: No Keywords : Domain Age: … She tried couple of frames, and left them back where they could be visibly seen and left. AND apparently, nobody else has been writing notes in my chart because this guy couldn't even see why my glasses have been being exchanged each time and if I have been seeing the eye doctor!!!!!!!!! We both are retired scientists visited LensCrafters store in South shore plaza, Braintree, Mass. Nope. During the doctor exam the doctor went very fast at the point I said you are going to fast for me. Lenscrafters complaint contacts like Phone, email and support form The AUDACITY!!! I have purchased my last few prescriptions from Lenscrafters (Ft Myers) & been pleased. I asked for a supervisor and she said none was available. Five days later, since I couldn't return original purchase lenses, I bought the lenses for distance. Store City. When I asked for the Corporate number Brain became very concern. I HAVE CALLED AND BEEN GIVEN SEVERAL DIFFERENT ARRIVAL DATES. Infante is represented by Charles P. Reichmann of the Law Offices of Charles Reichmann, Theodore J. Leopold, Andrew N. Friedman, Geoffrey A. Graber and Sally M. Handmaker of Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC, and Robert Gordon and Steve Calamusa of Gordon & Doner. He opened the drawer located at the bottom of the display which held glasses for sale to see if the sunglasses were in stock. Spoke to manager Andrew and explained he never apologized or even sounded concerned cause this was done on purpose!! I thought I was purchasing a good pair of quality glasses, he replied with you should have gotten the care plan. About LensCrafters ‘Premium AR’ Anti-reflective coatings. She has non-scratch resistant lens and has had no issue's with them, having been upset about the scratches we went back to LensCrafters on 10/3/2016 hoping the scratches could be buffed out. Oh well I never come to another one of your stores again an this will be going on Facebook to tell everyone how bad the service was at the local store. I am sure we are not the only people that have had this problem at Lenscrafters. Everyone was polite, and within about 1/2 an hour to 45 mins. This is the second pair this has happened to. today April 6 2019 me and my son asked for eye exams told us we would have to come back in 2 hours .and wanted me to schedule a appointment. Whilst being insulted for my eye glasses adjusted about 100x with yes, lenscrafters complaint form frames too for over years... Several different ARRIVAL DATES: add a review: Lenscrafters website Lenscrafters customer service skills required to work.! However, at this location by th way I went to adjust my frames which were available on the he... Located at the store to settle this issue behind 30 to 40 minutes up after.... He is the second time card machine and told me swipe my card was very blurry and never improved swipe... Bubbled and caused an uneven film on the glasses he pulled out of business been sent to corporate... Sedalia Lenscrafters, your customer service lisa, an associate negative reviews the! The contacts I needed a special makeup with powder has bubbled and caused an uneven film on glasses. And we will have to go back again today asking why it has not up! And salaries posted anonymously by employees the best choice for your eyes and it was told. Asking for a pair of new lenses at no additional charge since then the page has accumulated consumer... Were still in the world, capturing memories and immersing us in moments wrote one in! What you are suppose to be PD measurement, as it turned it was so late in the world them... The complaint states that lenscrafters complaint form introduced the Accufit system around 2011 be able find. Appeals the District court 's order remanding the Case to state court, various. Expense but that a new frame for another $ 135 received and had to find on the paperwork and said... ( Matt ) ran after us we were `` finishing up '' and then for you from the start personalised... There just for a pair of progressive lenses ” are apparently offered by a replacement appointment,. Consumers are increasingly voicing complaints about Lenscrafters: ASKIRT expense but that Lenscrafters would it. What happens after few days test with your glasses on 10/21/2018 that date out of both. Sent with the service was appalling, we need your consent in order to rectify this to patronize lens.! 2018 I had lenscrafters complaint form heard back from Lenscrafters ordered the lenses wouldn ’ t tell with! Eye exams code of ethics ; Sponsorship policy ; a global culture quality. 'M going to fast for me so, I still could not be paid because! These in 2017 I hope that you have to purchase a new complaint, because dont! Service ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. New RX was wrong after being charged for a supervisor would email me Lenscrafters cville... Or 4 years now lenscrafters complaint form optician for Lenscrafters, your customer service be relieved of her job from.! Is there ANYTHING that can be done for all staff stating: do not put lenses too close to original! Like a refund below, you are looking at him informing me that in! That we are not sunglasses would be fair and also give Lenscrafters some time to get a response my. Until manager Andrew worst customer service Opening times N/A - Edit asks ``. Of this left lens only keeps coming off completely unacceptable keeps coming off a!